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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Metaverse Meetup

Fancy a pint? 14th of July at 5pm?

We’ll be at the RL ‘Greyhound’ pub in Young Street, in the shadow of the RL/SL Daily Mail offices in Kensington, London [RLURL] that mirrors the one in SL [SLURL], 5pm onwards.

A good SL friend of mine (and Saville Row SL London resident) Terry Lightfoot is coming to the UK all the way from California. Terry, myself, and many others coming from as far afield as Scotland, Spain, The Midlands etc. will be meeting up for a quick drink in London as Terry passes through on her way north.

Our hard-working friend Kwame Oh (who works at the RL pub as well as running it’s SL counterpart) has a table or two booked for us, and a healthy group discount sorted for us. Any questions, IM myself (Nikk Huet) or Kwame in-world :-)

Hope to see you there. Mines a Guinness. "Cheers".

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Kwame Oh said...

Yes it should be fun, I am jury rigging a setup of a couple of PC's and a web cam so if anyone has a video stream we can borrow for a few hours at that time, then you could attend in sl and we shall try to send video feed through. anyone with tech knowledge on subject of streaming video, or has experience in above please send note card to Kwame Oh, or email
Thanks in advance