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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mayfair Artists - Akibe Sixgallery Interview

I finally caught up with the brilliant Japanese Artist Akibe Sixgallery yesterday. Something I had wanted to do since I saw his wonderful work in his Mayfair Gallery at the beginning of the June Art Fair in SL Mayfair, London. Akibe uses Adobe Illustrator, 3D software and an Epson Printer to achieve his creations. I met up with him in his AKIBE Gallery. He told me that before using computer graphics he had worked using pastels and oils. He has been an artist since 1999, although he did paint as a child as well.

I asked Akibe how he describes his work, he told me that he draws beautiful Bezier Curves and expresses a Japanese sense of beauty by using new technology. And beautiful his work is. The graphics are clean areas of vibrant colours with shapes that only a professional artist could achieve. Using graphics, making it look as if he uses freehand to perfection with a paintbrush, rather than software, to make the curves flow into the shapes of the subjects. Although Akibe creates his work from his imagination, you can clearly see a link with nature, which he says he loves. He said that nature is the theme of Traditional Japanese Artwork.

One of his pictures is entitled ‘Myaku Myaku’ and Akibe tells me this means ‘Incessantly’ It’s a landscape with delicate colours twisting and turning to form the flora and fauna expertly blended into the scene.

Another one of his pictures entitled ‘Mutsumi’ shows a graceful bird and flower, the sleek curves and movement in the picture bring it to life. His picture called ‘Meisou’ is just incredible, the human head has a haunting quality about it and how well the curves come together to make the features, this would be a piece of work that you would never tire of, as it pleases the eye each time you look at it.

Akibe has achieved a great deal in the real world and listed below are details of his history:

1999 - JACA Japan Visual Art Award 1999 winner
2000 - JACA Japan Visual Art Award 2000 winner
2001 - Mukoujima Art Expo 2001 "KOTEN"
2002 - "HEART to ART vol.4" in Koenji
2003 - BUTAI-NINGEN" Stage Art
2005 - "HEART to ART vol.10" in Koenji
2007 - Art gallery "HITORI KOMORU" in Ginza Gallery House
2008 - Art gallery "MYAKU MYAKU" in Niigata Ikeda Kinen Museum

Akibe arrived in Second Life in November 2007 and he started his ‘in world’ galleries after buying virtual land. He says that Second Life gives him a nearly ‘world wide’ chance to display his work, saying that more people should come into Second Life as well. He is also inspired by artists Klimt and Ito Jakuchu. Akibe uses Second Life to have fun as well, making a good combination of enjoyment and business. Akibe’s web site is and you can visit his galleries ‘in world’ at

AKIBE 123/110/511

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