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Friday, 11 July 2008

Fishing contest in Chelsea

There is a pretty stretch of the river Thames near SL Big Ben and the Swan Pub. Like the pub's name there are also a few swans swimming there and you can feed them from a little box on the shore which contains the swan food. On Tuesday I saw a notice announcing that there was a fishing contest to be held along that part of the embankment, as it's not far from my houseboat I had a stroll down there to have a look. I spotted avatar Kwame Oh, (Kwame is the Landlord of 'The Greyhound' Pub, Kensington W8 in real life and the SL version of the Greyhound which is opening soon). Kwame was having a go at fishing, but said hello and told me all about the contest, that's him sitting next to the winners' cups. The contest was to go on for 24 hours until the winners were announced. I popped back now and again to check how things were going, and just like Kwame said, it was a 24 hour event and they were even fishing in the dark at one stage. I was joined by one of my friends Ruskin Thor who also had a go at fishing, and it seemed a very popular competition, as quite a few avatars seem to be turning up to try their luck. I went back when it was all over to see who had won. Congratulations to to Gold Cup winner Akamu Lurra and Biggest Fish winner Kol Triellis!


Nik Hewitt said...

Akamu Lurra won! Nice one! But I bet Kwame is gutted ;-)

Anonymous said...

I caught one THIIIIIIISSSSS big... but it got away :(