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Monday, 30 June 2008

Mayfair Photographers - Papper Papp Interview

It’s not only artists and sculptors who are finding Second Life (SL) advantageous in creating and displaying their work worldwide, photographers are also making their mark in the virtual world.

Papper Papp is one such photographer, a number of her real life photographs are displayed in her Mayfair gallery and I met her there to talk about her wonderful work. Papper told me that she is from Italy, born in Florence, and first started taking photographs as a child. I asked her if there had been other photographers in the family and she said no, but when she lived in Firenze her mother would take her to the art galleries every Sunday, her mother liked to paint and Papper spent many hours watching her, so there is an artistic flair in the family.

Papper told me that she came into SL to show her real life photographs, but has also been taking photographs ‘in world’ as well. She says that she tries to capture emotions with her photographic art, sharing them with others. She certainly does that, one of her pictures, a black and white study of a park bench with autumn leaves scattered on it, denotes loneliness, it has a remarkable sadness about it. She said that had marked a melancholy time in her life, but she was happy now and her present ‘up beat’ work displays this.

Her photographs also display emotions with relationships, moods, nature and the environment. Her set of pictures capturing reflections of her subjects on wet pavements and on water surfaces are truly amazing, you get the feeling that the storm has passed and the people in the photos are happy to step out in their bright colourful clothes. It’s somehow a different slant to ‘people watching’, you still feel the joy or the sorrow of them, but through the slightly distorted softened reflection, giving you a hint rather than a clear view of the subjects' emotions.

Papper has already had success in real life, she has had two exhibitions in Rome (where she is living at the moment). She had one of her pictures published in a poetry book in Iran as well as publishing some of her work in an Italian Magazine. You can visit her web page at to find out more.

I asked Papper how she discovered SL and I think she should tell you in her own words, she says: "Real Life, Easter 2007. I was in Abruzzo, surrounded by strangers, I was quiet sure about how I teleported myself there, but I didn't have an idea about the reason: one of these strangers pointed to me shouting: "YOU MUST LOG INTO SECOND LIFE!" "What is it?" I replied. Back home, I felt the sensation to have missed something, maybe I hung back!!! Papper Papp was born this way, but it is important to say that she was really born a lot of time ago, because I am Papper Papp :). I logged in doing the same thing I always did in my life: pictures and writing. Sometimes SL bored me, like a "what am I doing here???" Every time I have felt like that, something happened: interesting topics, great conversations, so I didn’t log off. Not yet. I am still discovering things that I knew, but that I forgot, don’t know how".

To me, this is the Papper I met, exciting, full of ideas and looking at the deep meanings of life. She took me over to see another gallery where she shows her work, but with a twist, she opened the gallery with a friend, Neupaul Palen (who built the gallery) and they worked together to create the most unusual visual displays I have ever seen in SL.

Neupaul and Papper give you a different perspective to contemporary photography displays and artwork, and I warn you, if you visit there you may find you are disorientated at first. Foremost you are aware of the sounds in the gallery, sculpted brains falling to the ground with a thud, posters that fall on you, but pass straight through you, semi transparent walls with writings on them that you walk through. The whole structure seems bright, like walking into a fluorescent light tube, and its not until you study it more carefully that you see Papper and Neupaul's images on the walls.

Papper and Neupaul have chairs hovering high above the walkways, the chairs are not straight but hung at strange angles. Once you sit in a chair to view the pictures you can spin round to take different aspects of the displays, according to whatever angle you have the chair at. Papper told me that the whole gallery tells a story as you walk through it, but everyone who enters there can see a different story. I can only suggest you go there to see how you interpret your time there, I for one will have to go back for a visit to see what conclusion I come to, it’s very interesting and makes people use their imaginations. You can find Papper and Neupaul's blog at

Papper is a very talented photographer, both her real life photographs and her venture into SL photography are reflective of the love and enthusiasm she has for her art. You can teleport to her galleries (listed below) and see for yourself.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Congratulations Kirk and Maddox

SL Kensington W8 was buzzing with excitement today as Kirk Claymore and Maddox Dupont, owners of KMADD Enterprises, celebrated their first Wedding Anniversary in style. The dance floor was packed and a great time was had by all. Congratulations Kirk and Maddox may you have many more to come!!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Mayfair Artists - Alberto Salomon Interview

I think artist Alberto Salomon has one of the most interesting stories to tell in Second Life as well as real life. Alberto’s artwork is a study of marine life, shells, birds, horses, plants and other animals. He is clearly very passionate about nature and all its beauty.

I went to his Mayfair Gallery and was instantly impressed with Alberto’s vitality and enthusiasm for his subjects. I admitted to him that I had looked at his work at the beginning of June, when the Mayfair Art Fair first opened, I told him that his work had made a lasting impression on me, as I loved the fine detail in his paintings.

Alberto told me that in 1997, in real life, he went to Aldabra (in the Indian Ocean), for a scuba diving expedition. By accident his luggage went to Paris, so he was left with only a pen and paper. Without his belongings, to fill in his spare time between dives, he started writing and illustrating a booklet. He told me that other people had colour pencils that he could use and he discovered he could draw fish and shells. From this he has created two beautiful books, each one with hand written text and finely illustrated with marine life. (You can see his work at

He told me that when he was little, his parents sadly parted, and he stayed by the sea for long periods on holiday. He said he was always in and out of the sea. He said this was a period of great discovery for him, about himself and the sea. Alberto says his work is a passionate observation of details and a way to repay back all the gifts the sea was ready to give to him. He just feels happy doing it.

That is the thing about Alberto’s work, they are not just pictures, they are drawn and painted in such detail, each fish a study of the subject, the shells so intricate with their fine textures. He has a rotating display of barracudas in the middle of the gallery and we flew up into the centre of the spinning fish, feeling like we were swimming with them. He explained that in real life he had been diving in the sea and had been within an arms length of these dangerous creatures. You can tell though that Alberto has the uppermost respect for the barracudas, as he does for all animals. In the gallery he has a page on display from one of his books, the picture is a baby shark and is captured in the softest watercolour tints. I remarked how cute the creature looked, almost cuddly, and he said that this was so in real life, the little shark really had that appeal. He paints directly from nature from what he sees, and it shows, his books are a good source of reference for people studying marine life, as well as being works of art.

We moved on to his display of bird art, there again, he captures the feel of the birds, the hawk flying down with his talons ready to take their prey, based on a hawk he witnessed in real life. He has pictures of horses as well, and I remarked that his horses reminded me of Leonard DaVinci’s horse studies. I found out then that Alberto is deeply influenced by DaVinci. He asked me if I would like to visit his Gallery ‘IL SEGNO’ (The Sign) in the SoHo sim. At the IL SEGNO Gallery he had devoted the main area to DaVinci’s work. A must for anyone who is interested in DaVinci.

I asked Alberto what had made him decide to display his work in Second Life. He told me that it was the fact that he had never displayed it in real life and SL gave the freedom to create a whole Art gallery. He is making sculptures of his work as well in SL, his sculptures being as beautiful as his paintings. He does fun things as well, only in SL could he create a T-shirt so easily, embossed with his masterpieces on, and give them out to his avatar friends, Alberto kindly gave me a T-shirt as well as a keepsake.

Once again there is much more that I could write about Alberto Salomon, and I can only suggest you look at his Galleries and visit his website to see his work for yourself. It was a pleasure to meet such a gifted artist.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Have Your Say About SL London Life

No doubt about it the London sim is one of the trendiest places in the Second Life grid to live and work, it has a nice feeling about it, but, and this is the question, is it a bit too nice? Does it lack the excitement of a real life city without having the edge of danger and ‘street cred’ av’s to make life in SL London a bit more interesting.

What do you think of this? I would be interested to know. I, for one don’t like the fact that every time I enter the sim I find that my ‘Mysti tool’ has been disabled to the point of being useless (The Mysti is an amazing gadget you can buy in Second Life that not only gives you shields to wear against griefers, but also includes lots of other features, like a radar which gives you the ability to check the area for other avatars). I can understand the sim owners wanting to reduce lag in the areas (lag or not being able to move properly in SL is thought to be caused by memory overload slowing everything down). Is this the reason? or is it a little bit of a ‘Nanny State’ controlling what avatars get up to, just like the ‘Due to Health and Safety reasons’ regimes in real life that really just want to control your every movement. I had a chat with my boss Nikk Huet and found that we both love our ‘Mysti’ and both felt mildly irritated that we cannot use it properly, if we both feel like that, do you feel the same? Do you have an SL gadget that you would like to be able to use in the London sim?

Would more people visit London if more areas allowed scripting giving avatars a little more freedom of expression, or do you think this would spoil the tranquil beauty of the place? I would love to hear your views!!!! Have you ever been banned from the London sims? I would be interested to hear your stories.

I’m throwing this open to discussion and will publish your views on this site (as long as they are printable!!!!) Send your points and stories to me, Janey Bracken, ‘inworld’ using a note card (just find me under 'search', write and ‘save’ your new note card and drag it from your inventory across to the ‘search’ window).

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Mayfair Artists - Molina Rhode Interview

Molina Rhode is a very unusual artist/sculptor. She hadn’t found her special talent for art until she’d entered Second Life. I went to see her at her main gallery at ‘On Bread and Stones’, where she made me most welcome and we sat and talked about her work surrounded by the beautiful sculptures and pictures she creates.

She told me that she started to produce her art in September 2007. She said that she was fascinated by the fantastic possibilities and challenges of creating art by working with prims and textures. Molina creates her art exclusively in Second Life and not in real life, she told me that her decision was very easy, she wanted to know if people would like her kind of art and creative output, enjoying her pictures and sculptures. She went on to say that she is happy when people buy one or two pieces of her work, but it’s not a business, she does it purely for creative fun and sheer pleasure.

Molina’s sculptures and pictures would grace any SL homes, she uses bright, eye-catching colours and the sculptures have pleasing symmetrical shapes, swirling round like shiny joined spheres and cylinders, each with facets of vibrant textures. Molina’s pictures are also created out of prims, she applies a similar method giving the pictures depth, shape and texture.

Molina and her partner Wolfman Hammerer run five shops/galleries in SL, Molina told me that the start was a little shop in Apfelland, where she started talking to the visitors who dropped in. It gave her the idea of making it an Art Café and everything just followed on. She named the café ‘Molina’s Gallery and Art Café’ and says it is good to meet other people there from all over the World with the same interest in art. This is an outstanding feature of being in Second Life, communication with so many people Worldwide who share the same interests. Molina also designs and creates her own specialised furniture as well.

I asked Molina what inspired her to do each piece and she told me that she may be thinking about the weather, therefore creating a sculpture based on a rainbow, or reading a book about Africa in real life, these sorts of things give her inspiration for her projects. Molina says she thinks the London sim is a nice place and says she is proud to have one of her and Wolfman’s galleries there (Mayfair Gallery).

I think Molina’s art would adorn any premises or garden in Second Life with grace and style and I hope she carries on creating her art, which she does out of pure joy.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

CNN Reporters visit to Daily Mail Building

As well as writing for Virtually London (lite), I write weekly for CNN as a citizen reporter and we meet up every Tuesday with the real CNN journalists to discuss the stories that have been published the previous week and talk about any ideas that we have for future articles. Sometimes at the end of the meeting we go out for a field trip to one of the SL places that we have discussed. I had put a story on CNN last week about the wonderful London sims and reporters Nicole iReport and Henry iReport (although real reporters, not their names in real life!!) decided that they would like to visit SL London.

So a few of us from the meeting arrived in the middle of Knightsbridge, CNN cititzen reporter Rocket Flashheart had come to the CNN meeting dressed as 'Shrek', as he likes to surprise Nicole with his ‘shapeshifting’ avatars, but alas, after teleporting to London his avatar had been ‘Ruthed’ (a term used when an SL bug converts a male avatars into a female shapes) that’s why you see a strange yellow person in the group picture (Rocket not being his usual handsome self!).

We had a look in the London Underground Club, which was very busy, but decided that we would ride the Tube Train next door. We all went down the tunnels to the platform and jumped on the train taking us to Chelsea. They thought it was great fun, I hope they have plans to extend the Tube in SL London, it’s just like taking the real one, but without the crowds.

Nicole and Henry asked about the great Daily Mail and General Trust building, so I invited them over to my Office and gave them a grand tour. They were very interested in its comparisons to real life. Although CNN have a media build in SL (CNN Future), it’s an open area with an office at one end and meeting area at the other, it’s a really nice place, but it would be a great idea for CNN to have a copy of their own real life headquarters, sort of home from home, in SL, wonder if they will warm to the idea.

It was a lot of fun showing the reporters around London and they loved it, saying they will definitely come back again, as there is so much to see in the London sims.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Mayfair Artists - Josephina Bonetto Interview

There are some very busy people in Second Life, and the Mayfair artist I interviewed today has to be one of the busiest people I have met. Josephina Bonetto writes two columns in a journal, writes freelance articles, owns a SL Island, runs a club and property rentals, plus makes her own clothes.

As well as all this she finds time for her Art. I interviewed her at her Gallery ‘Button Moon’ a wonderful glass structure built for her by her business partner Stead Foden. Josephina’s work is bright and vibrant and she uses colours very effectively. Josephina uses computer graphics to create her pictures. She explained ‘It is basically real life drawings and photographs manipulated and blended digitally.’ She went on to say ‘I love the special effects to be as wild as possible, even if it renders the original drawing undetectable - If I like the effect, I keep it.’

Josephina’s work ranges from totally abstract to digitally enhanced Second Life photography as well as free hand sketches with special digital effects. I asked Josephina if she had taken inspiration from any other artists. She told me she likes Jack Vettriano’s work as she prefers drawing people herself. She also likes Andy Warhol. I could actually see the influence of Warhol with her freehand portraits in the gallery, repeating the same picture over and over with different colour themes to each one.

Josephina said that she learned to draw as a child in real life. She had spent a great deal of time in and out of hospital, so her mother taught her to draw to keep her occupied. She told me that she stopped painting altogether in 2003 to 2004 because of real life circumstances, but gradually began using computer software to manipulate her drawings. She added that this had got her back into the art side of things, but made her more interested in what she could do digitally, as well as drawing on paper.

Josephinas abstract work is very attractive, she has a good eye for colour and the vortex of digital textures are tastefully created. She uses photography very well, posing for the portraits herself, or using her alternative avatar, adding graphics to create atmosphere and mood to the pictures.

She told me that her freehand sketches have drawn remarks from people saying that the features in her subjects are not perfectly balanced. Although I agree that her portraits are not a sophisticated accurate copy of the model, this only adds to the charm of the freehand sketch and works very well. Josephina told me that in real life she prefers using Indian inks, pastels and charcoal, rather than oils and watercolours, although she says she feels comfortable with most mediums.

I asked her if she thought Second Life is a good place to show her art. She said that it is easier to reproduce her work in SL, people can buy it 24/7 and it gets to reach a wider audience. She also told me that she can create her art with more confidence than she would in real life and the costs are minimal too. Teleport over to see Josephina’s work at her Mayfair Gallery, her range of pictures will appeal to everyone. You can also read Josephina’s articles at , and

Saturday, 21 June 2008

L$10,000 For Best SL London Story

10,000 Lindens are still up for grabs, keep sending your stories in to me (click for details of contest) and also get a chance to have your story published on this blog. Here is another great story from one of the contestants:

My Love of London - By Brie Janick

Well what can I say, I think that London really found me! I happened to land here by accident. The first place I came across was the ‘The London Underground Club’. I saw the giant penguin by the door and had a little chuckle, I clicked and found that they were looking for staff. I applied and was hired as host, which was the start of my life in London.

I have had some good times and bad, but I can say that my true Second Life (SL) experience started here. I have met some of the most amazing people and have made friends that have become a very large part of my SL life.

London is where I met the man who will become my husband on the 28th June.
I was standing in the club and in walked this dude with a giant mowhawk, red tartan trousers and punked up to the max, I though oh no what do we have here? odd ball alert, my finger was hovering over the eject button, but as soon as he stared talking I knew this guy was something special, we became firm friends.

Love blossomed very quickly when we were both invited to Annie’s & Stu's wedding. We decided to go together and he asked me to dance. He has become the other half of me, my angel Seany. He is my soul mate and I can’t wait to share my life with him. I didn’t expect I would find love but I think he was destined to walk and find me that day.

I was wandering around London and thought I would have a nosey and came across some house I was immediately drawn to, a little house on the corner in Knightsbrige, I immediately rented the house and that is where I met Lizz. We started talking in passing and it progressed to her becoming my best friend and sister. We shop we dance and we hang out in Winnie the Poo pyjamas looking very odd, but we have the most amazing times together. She makes me laugh, I am never lonely when she’s around. I have since moved to Chelsea, as has Lizz, and I love wandering around. Me and my love Seany love to dance on Big Ben on sunset view, or me and Lizz dancing like nutters in our homes, or having a conversation through the walls of our house as I’m too lazy to walk. I’m never too tired when I get the messages (IMs) lets go shopping, I teleport before she can finish the sentence.

The other friend I have met is Pink who is someone I trust and confide in. She’s always there shaking it with us at the Underground Club, even though she sometimes ends up stuck to the wall! She has also become a big part of my life and I am honoured she will be my bridesmaid at my wedding. Cute, whose warm character never fails to make me smile. She has the biggest heart.

Annie and Talie, what can I say, they are wonderful people, they welcomed me into the Underground Club family. Talie, with his sense of humour, and not wearing shoes. I was honoured when a few months later I was offered the job of assistant to the Club. Working at the Underground Club has been the most amazing experience of my SL life. I still get excited hosting and being up there on the stage. I love the people and staff, I love interacting with all the wonderful and different characters that have passed through the doors. Even when I’m not hosting I seem to end up there dancing, I can’t stay away. I think they will bury my avatar there with a plaque "Brie danced till she couldn’t dance no more, or her legs fell off".

I have had my fair share of naked noobs (people new to SL) that always make me laugh and how they seem to think we like to see them flashing their bits, hehe, and the few odd balls that I meet, but its part of the SL experience. London has some wonderful characters who all add their own special touch to it. From our resident 'all greeter' to Groovy transformers. I am never shocked anymore, lol, but open my arms to everyone. I think I have learnt a great deal about myself and about acceptance of others.

The different DJ’s I have met at the Underground Club have opened my eyes to all types of different music and sounds, and they have become very dear friends to me and I adore them all, they never fail to get me boogying in my chair . They each bring something special to the place.

I have recently been unwell and had to have surgery. The support and love I received was amazing. I felt that I was truly blessed to have people that showed compassion, support and understanding. When I came home from hospital and logged on I was immediately inundated with IM’s and I felt these people care and that’s what makes them special people. Being off sick and at home, London is a place where I feel I can be safe and I always feel like I am home when I there.

My home and life are here and I am grateful I will be around to see it become a thriving place to be. I see it expanding all the time. My friends and the love of my life have all contributed to making me who I am.

I live in real life London and I always feel like I’m never far away from the real thing. London has so much to offer, great nightlife, great housing and people that will not judge, discriminate, but are always friendly and inviting. They have some great shops and I myself have bought clothes from local shops . I have met people from all over the World who come to SL London to get the experience and taste of London. It's great finding people who are from the other end of the map and who are interested in London as a place, as they may not be able to go there in real life and I think SL London is a perfect representation of Real Life.

Thank you to all the amazing people, staff and animals I have met, you are all truly unique and special individuals ** Rock On **

Friday, 20 June 2008

Kensington DMGT Machinima

This was put together to show in presentations across the company, to serve as a brief look into our new Daily Mail & General Trust offices in Kensington and our ongoing SL presence.

A very big thank you to all the good folks who turned up to fill in the white spaces with happy productive AVs. Much appreciated :-)

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Mayfair Artists - Zeppie Innis Interview

During the ‘Art Fair' month in Mayfair I have been meeting some of the artists whose work is displayed in the classy London sim. First on my list to go and see was avatar Zeppie Innis, who, in real life, is artist Stefan Damman ( Zeppie told me that he is a graphic designer as well as a painter and he describes his paintings as Impressionist, mood-paintings and atmospheric art.

Zeppie invited me over to his main gallery in Fraxini this morning to see his work (Zeppie's Gallery 'Art @ it's Best'). Zeppie gave me a warm welcome and kindly gave me a tour of the gallery explaining the concept behind each painting as we went round. My first thoughts on seeing his work, was its uniqueness and his professionalism. Zeppie’s work would be enjoyed both in private collections and corporate situations.

Zeppie (Stefan) was born in Amsterdam, Holland and now lives and works in Almere. I asked him how long he had been painting and he told me it was over 20 years. He says he found a set of oil paint tubes in his parent's closet at the age of 12 and started to paint.

He says that in his work he ‘likes to combine an experiment with a wide palette of materials like cement, fabric, piercings, wood, lead, feathers etc. In combination with bright, powerful, colour combinations and abstract themes, this leads to a powerful first impression.’ He is certainly right, first impressions for me were his powerful use of textures and striking colours, he also uses gold leaf, which adds atmosphere and light to his paintings.

As I walked round the gallery I realised each section is different in style and theme to the next. I asked him why he chose to evolve in such a way. He explained that he ‘did not wish to become a copycat of his own work.’ He moves on to another theme, changing his style, to whatever thoughts are occupying him. And each set of paintings are deeply thought out, he successfully manages to transfer his psyche into his art.

Zeppie explained the thinking behind each painting as we toured the gallery, and I wish I had the space here to tell you about each one, as each piece of work was so very interesting. I would like to see Zeppie write the thoughts behind each painting for visitors to see, as this would add to the emotions that you feel viewing his art.

The first piece of work I saw at the Mayfair Gallery was actually two paintings which could be linked together as one, I asked him what was the idea behind it, and he told me that in his mind, his paintings go on and on, so by adding another canvas his story continues. He is inspired by themes of the four seasons, poetry, romance and the innermost thoughts we all have, but keep hidden from others, plus how we change as we go through life.

I could go on and on writing about Zeppie and his work, as there is so much to both him and his art. He is already successful in the real world, selling paintings to Australia and has an exhibition in Paris. He also recently donated a painting to an orphanage in Indonesia. I asked him why he decided to show his work in Second Life and he told me that it was a way of expanding his horizons and getting his work shown worldwide. I can only recommend that you use Second Life to go and see Zeppie’s fine paintings and be inspired, as I was.

Live Piccadilly Circus Gig

I headed over to SL Piccadilly Circus tonight to meet some of the artists who are displaying their work at the ‘June Art Fair’, in their various galleries in the Mayfair sim. There is so much talent in Second Life and I plan to meet up with each artist and find out all about them and their wonderful work, so watch this space over the next few days!

The artists, along with the rest of the people at Piccadilly, had gathered there to watch a live gig by avatar Phoe Nix, she sings and plays the piano. Second Life was not working out for me tonight, as my computer crashed a few times and for some reason I could not hear the music for ninety percent of the time. What I did manage to hear was magical, Phoe has a wonderful voice and I have arranged to catch up with her at a later gig so that I can get the chance to hear her whole performance and speak to her afterwards.

Although I was unlucky enough to have problems with the music, everyone else had a great time, people danced and cheered and Phoe’s performance was a big success, I am really looking forward to going to her next live gig in Second Life.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

London People - Designer Girlspeedo Latte

I am drawn to clothes shops in SL, I just love shopping! So, as I had a wander around London the other day, I noticed a boutique called ‘Gbberish’ (yes that is the spelling!), it instantly caught my eye. The clothes were very bright and colourful as well as being very cutting edge in their style. The range would appeal to young Londoners who wish to look chic, but smart/casual at the same time. Bye coincidence, I was introduced to the designer, Girlspeedo Latte, a few days later by a mutual friend. I arranged to interview Girlspeedo about her business in SL London the next day.

Girlspeedo made me very welcome as I arrived at her boutique in Knightsbridge and she was wearing her own designs, which looked fantastic. I asked her how long she had had the boutique in Knightsbridge and she told me she had opened it back in mid March. Girlspeedo actually became an avatar in December 2007 after seeing an item on the television news about Second Life, so all in all she has taken the initiative to create her own clothes and open a business within quite a short time.

Girlspeedo told me that she was struck by the fashion element of SL and designs every single item in her shop. In real life Girlspeedo is a web/graphic designer, but does fashion design at college. She said that she wanted to go into fashion design at one point in real life, but somehow ended up in the web world. So in a way, SL fulfilled the ambition, in a digital way!!

I asked Girlspeedo why she picked the London sim to open her boutique. She told me that she felt it was a natural step to look in the London related sims as she lives in real life South West London not far from the recreated SL location of her boutique. She said that the real life area was her favourite place for shopping.

Girlspeedo also likes the London sim for her leisure time, saying that she often frequents the Underground Club just up the road. She says her favourite thing is going to live gigs in SL.

She says she gets a lot of customers in her boutique who have read about her designs on SL Blogs. (This speaks for itself, as people that have visited her boutique like her designs so much that they mention them in their writings). Girlspeedo is doing so well that she has opened another boutique in Tresco. I asked her if she plans to develop her business into any other areas of design, she said that she would like to make shoes and has had some requests to design furniture as well.

Girlspeedo Latte is full of vitality and brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm into the shopping side of the London sim. It will be interesting to follow her progress as her fresh designs and ideas make their mark in Second Life retail.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Get Your Story Published! Plus Chance To Win L$10,000

Don't forget to keep sending your stories in about the London sims, see competition details below. Not only will we publish the best stories on this blog, you will also get a chance to win
10,000 Linden Dollars. Send your entries to me, Janey Bracken, 'in world', on a notecard. If you want to include a photo to enhance your story that will be fine. The notecards must reach me before the 1 July 2008, so get writing. Well, here is our first great story from a contestant who would like to tell you her adventure in SL London, its called:

'Pushing Morrissey' by Janis Short

It seemed like any ordinary Monday at the Underground Club. I was scheduled to do from 12-2 playing my Music with Punk Attitude. My fiancé Morrissey Short came into the club with me right before show time, as he usually does, for a “quick” slow dance (is there such a thing?). As I get set to take the stage he decides to split for a nap. (Morrissey lives in real life London and it’s always much later for him). Today, instead of logging off, he decides to leave his avatar to keep me company while I work. Clicking on the huge pulsating dance ball he positions himself right in front of the DJ booth. He bequeaths his virtual body to me, but his soul, the heart of any avatar, has left the building.

Two hours later I complete my set and Morrissey is still (like the character in “The Red Shoes”) dancing. He dances his way right through Etoile Llewellyn’s set of Great Easy Listening Music. He shows no emotion, he emits no sounds. He does not scream “Tunnnnnnnnnnnnnne!!” as he is wants to do when he is really in the club. He just keeps dancing. Etoile finishes her set. We are now four hours into our saga. People have come, people have gone, people have tried to engage his dancing avatar in conversation, but no one is home. He is an empty vessel, a dancing machine. The club is emptying and Morrissey dances on, oblivious to all.

Etoile has a bright idea,“Why not eject him from the club? “That should send him back home.” I am not sure, but after awhile decide it’s worth a shot. I put on my London Club Staff tag and send my beloved into what I am about to find out is the abyss.

I go home to Bella assuming he will be dancing in our living room. He is not. I check the Black Onyx, the club we run in our basement. He is not there either. Finally I check our roof garden. Morrissey is missing in action! I go back to the Underground Club and tell Etoile my dilemma. She bravely volunteers to be ejected to that same mysterious place I have sent the love of my life. So, like Orpheus and Eurydice, I send Etoile on a perilous journey into the unknown. She sends me a message (IM’s me): “I’ve found him”…then teleports me to where they are, on the outskirts of the Knightsbridge sim, in Mayfair. Unfortunately, Morrissey is not on terra firma, he is dancing on the water.

Now the funny thing about this is, my Morrissey has always told me he is a real life Angel, he is often seen wearing huge silky and expressive white wings in SL. We discover that even in SL he does have powers not given to us mere mortals. When we try to go into the water and attempt to push him to shore we sink to the bottom. Morrissey continues to dance above the surface of the virtual still waters. Hmmmmmmmm… what to do? We teleport in Etoile’s man Kris, a hunky guy with big muscles and long dark hair and tattoos. With great dexterity he somehow manages to get manipulate Morr on to dry land.

So… do we leave well enough alone? Leaving him to dance on the shore of toney Mayfair? Nah! that would have been too easy. Etoile suggests caging him. We might do that, but no weapons are allowed in Knightsbridge or Mayfair, and creating a big old cage is considered an aggressive act. We discuss “killing him”, shooting him and letting him die, which will simply send him home. Although there have been times I’ve considered killing Morr, the idea of actually doing it leaves me queasy. “Noooooooooooo” I weep, “he’s too young to die” They all laugh and think this incredibly amusing. We decide to physically move him back to Knightsbridge by pushing him. So for the next hour (I kid you not!) the three of us shove Morrissey along the grass towards the Knightsbridge sim. Etoile ‘bulks’ up for awhile to give herself a bigger area to push with. Kris continues to push him alone, and I just nudge him gently thinking “he’s gonna kill me when he wakes up.”

As we reach the corner, we discover that in this section of the road, there are invisible potholes that suck you under ground, often into the sewers that run under Knightsbridge. We call on Timber, an officer in the London sim to see if he has any bright ideas. He says little, and leaves. We decide to push him back on to the grass, on the edge of Mayfair, and leave him there til he emerges from his blissful and ignorant sleep. We have attracted a crowd, several Underground Club members are out for a walk. We all start to talk. We teleport our friend, DJ Corolla Korobase, in to check out what’s going on and she laughs and laughs. Then someone decides we need to take a group picture. Everyone gets around Morr and we all say “cheese” or the SL equivalent (see picture above). We assume the drama is over and I invite everyone back to the ‘Black Onyx’ to dance. I go back an hour later to check on my sweetie and he is safe and sound, dancing on the grass like there’s no tomorrow.

The end of the story? You would think so, wouldn’t you? The party at the ‘Black Onyx’ ends, we go back to our own SL homes. All go to sleep. Morrissey emerges from his RL sleep, comes back in to find himself in an unusual spot, teleports home none the wiser. This is not the case.

It is an hour later. Kris has gone back to check on Morrissey and IM’s me; “I’ve just found Morrissey, someone has pushed him into the Tube. He is dancing under water.”
My response? “OMG!!!” He teleports me over and I find my adorable man dancing away in the murky tunnel, totally submerged in water. Kris, still the miracle worker, manages to push him up on to a very narrow platform, which is right behind the Knightsbridge Tube Station. I set my camera controls and see that he is partially sticking out on the other side of the platform and we try to figure out a way to get him to someplace safer. Morrissey falls back into the water. Kris suggests I ‘rez’ (create) a platform to keep him safe. So with my very simplistic building skills, I create a big wooden platform for us to stand on. “Let’s see if we can raise the platform far enough to get him to the other side” Kris suggests. This does not work. What it DOES do is swallow us in a big wooden box. I take the platform away and we are all in the water…again. Once again Kris gets Morrissey out of the water on to the narrow ledge. Corolla returns from a gig DJ’ing and offers to make another platform. This time it works. We get Morrissey on to dry land in a place he cannot be harmed. We have been pushing Morrissey for four hours and he still has not uttered a word. No consternation, no complaints, no “where are you taking me?” Like “Weekend At Bernie’s” we are moving around an empty shell of a man. A man usually filled with life, love and humour. A flying carpet comes by and clips me, shoving me on to the tube tracks. I wonder why, if I can get through the wall, Morrissey cannot. It is now twelve hours since Morrissey entered the Underground Club and he is STILL dancing.

I decide to leave him there. He will be waking up for real life work in an hour and I know he will be safe and fine until then. I thank my co-conspirators and hesitantly log off. I promise myself I will never eject Morrissey from the Underground Club again, and I will NEVER let him stay logged in and dancing when he’s off to sleep. While he will awake totally rested from a fitful ignorant sleep, I am totally drained and exhausted. Pushing around a healthy male avatar while wearing heels is very tedious work.

I went back this morning and Morrissey was gone. Was he moved to another location? Did someone come and save him? Or (a more mundane outcome) did he finally come back in and (quite simply) log out. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Janis and Morrissey Short Under Ground.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Horse Around in London

I’ve explored a few cities in Second Life, and I must admit, I’m a person who gets lost at the drop of a hat! Walking round is ok, although a little slow, flying, well, I’m not the best flier in the virtual world. I seem to have no sense of direction and quite often miss seeing a lot anyway. Not to mention all my crash landings! Well problem solved, I have a couple of horses from the Lone Star Ranch and I use them to explore with now. I have a small stocky horse called ‘Colin’ and my new black stallion called ‘Del’ (full name Derrick Trotter). As you are sitting fairly high up on a horse you get a better view all round, plus you can set him to walk, trot or gallop, so you can move quite quickly if you have a large area to cover.

I am still finding my way round all the little streets in the London sims, so I have been out on horseback to explore. It’s another way to meet other avatars as well, most people will stop you and comment on the horse, so it's nice to get chatting.

As I actually stay on my houseboat in SL Chelsea most of the time now, and work in nearby Kensington, I thought I would travel to work on horseback, who cares about petrol prices going up, plus the horse is easy to park, I simply return him to my inventory, no parking tickets for me!

Friday, 13 June 2008

SL Centre to Help Find Missing Kids

There are lots of ways that Second Life London can help the real communities out there in the real world. I took a wander into SL Knightsbridge this afternoon and found an office being run by the ‘Initiative Vermisste Kinder’ (Missing-Kids EU). It’s an International Centre for missing children. SL Knightsbridge is a great location for something like this, as people from all over the world venture into SL London and it may prove a vital point for people to report kids missing and also report sightings. If you click on the link in the office it will take you directly to the web page of the organisation.

The homepage states ‘Initiative vermisste kinder works for the parents and families concerned of missing children since 1997. We are acting as a clearinghouse of information and as a contact point to parents, children, law enforcement agencies, schools and communities, providing assistance to help recover missing children and to raise public awareness about ways to help prevent child abduction’.

What a good idea, this is one of the more serious sides to Second Life that people sometimes miss, it can be used as a powerful tool to assist people as a contact point worldwide. I hope this proves to be a big help to trace missing kids, you can find the centre opposite the Knightsbridge Department Store in Sloan Street, junction with Basil Street.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Fun Ride on London Bus

There have been some funny moments in Second Life where I have laughed so much that the tears ran down my face, as I sat behind my real life keyboard. In the past I have been to a couple of street parades on the grid, each time going on horseback, riding behind the parade and seeing all the mayhem as the floats got jammed up in the narrow streets, or they disappear down into the road at the sim borders My best friend, avatar Pinkie Delcon, who was with me, was also creased up with laughter, so it’s not just me!!!

Well I had a few friends over the other night to show them the houseboat that I had just rented. As we chatted on the top deck we stood watching as one of the London buses whizzed through. The bus stops almost outside where the houseboat is moored and one of my guests suggested that we all take a ride on it.

We waited for the next bus to stop and made our way over to it. There were already a few people on the open top deck, so we decided to join them up there. We all made it except one, poor friend Cherish missed the bus, and to make things worse, she also had a computer crash, being thrown out of SL at the same time.

The bus rattled through the streets, turning tight corners, nearly knocking into the buildings and going up on the pavements as we went. Good job it was late and there hadn't been many pedestrians about! By this time I had the real life giggles, we looked so funny, we sat there, all leaning forwards with our heads down against the wind whistling round us. Luckily Cherish managed to log back into SL and I offered her teleport at the next bus stop. She arrived, landing on the pavement and only just managed to scramble on board before the bus sped off again.

Unlike a real life bus, the virtual bus has the ability to fly, if only real life buses could do that! It left the ground as we got to the embankment and circled Big Ben, giving us a close up look at the clock tower. We came back down onto the road and sped off again to the bus stop near the boathouse. We all got off, agreeing that it was a real laugh. Next time you see a bus trundling through, hop on and take a ride, its free, take a warm coat though, it’s a bit chilly on the top deck!

Machinima in London

Fancy having a cameo in a machinima about London?

We're starting filming today (Thursday) over at the DMGT offices in Kensington [SLURL] 8AM SLT onwards.

If you have 'smart' (ish) business clothes and fancy being in a machinima to promote the London sims and to wave in front of the board at the Daily Mail, please come on over between 8 and 10 and sit at a desk or hob-nob in the foyer for a bit :-)

All welcome. Please see Nikk Huet for more info.

More filming coming in the future, please keep an eye on Virtually London or on the London England group for more info.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Houseboats in SL Chelsea

Now that I’m working in SL London, I thought it would be a good idea to have a base there as well. My original beach fronted home is lovely, and I’m not about to give that up, but I decided to look round the property up for rent in the areas not too far from my Office, which is located in the Kensington sim.

I’d heard about the houseboats being installed in Chelsea and went over to see what was on offer. Well it was love at first sight! how romantic to live on a houseboat. As the boats have only just been installed at Chelsea embankment, (near Big Ben), I had first choice and looked each one over. There are ten houseboats moored next to each other and each one has its own individual style. Some are bright and new looking, while others look a little worn and rusty, but are teeming with character.

I decided to rent one of the middle boats and moved my furniture in, great excuse for more shopping! I bought a couple of sofas and armchairs, but changed the fabric to something nice and light, matching the bright interior of the houseboat. So far I have put a couple of benches outside on the top deck, and will probably add some more little bits and pieces later on. You are allowed 200 prims with each boat, which should be enough to make quite a comfortable home.

I have stayed there for a few days now and I really like it, you have the sound of the water lapping against the boats and the general atmosphere of serenity. It’s lovely sitting on the top deck, especially if the 'world' environment menu is set to ‘midnight’, glass of wine in your hand, just relaxing. Great place to hold a party as well, plenty of room in the spacious cabin for those who want to stay inside, plus loads of room on the top deck to stand and chat, even with a small dance floor installed up there.

The boats are 800 Lindens a week to rent, but they are special and very different from anything else you can find in the London sims. Chelsea is a very sought after area and the houseboats will appeal to the artists, writers and creative people in Second Life who will love the ambience of the area. The real life houseboats at Cheyne Walk, Chelsea became popular with artists way back in the 1960’s and still have that romantic aura about them today.

By the way, I have heard that there is a little cat who has been wandering along the embankment here in SL, I haven’t seen him yet, but if I do spot him I will let the owners know he is safe and sound. Excuse me while I go and put out a bowl of milk, just in case!

New Help in Knightsbridge

A quick 'welcome on board' from all in the London sims this week, to Ms. Cake Kidd.

Cake will be managing the Knightsbridge sim, replacing our good friend (and Kensington publican) Kwame Oh. Kwame is going to be taking a more active role in promoting the neighborhood in RL London, and helping Debs get the RL vibe going for the SL sims. Please address all inquiries to Cake regarding the sim or if she is not online, to Fennel Mimistrobell or Nala Tenk (Mayfair manager).

I got the chance to catch up with her on her first day on the job. "I have been in SL for almost 16 months now, and have been in a relationship with my partner since my first week... something to be proud of in fast-paced SL", she smiled.

"My interests in SL are mediaeval roleplay, themed sims and getting to know people. The name Cake, which I love, is an anagram made up from my RL name. My RL is something you have to find out about in conversation with me - at this time I’ll tell you only that I’m not a native speaker of English."

Cake is perfect to represent the good folks of Knightsbridge, "I love London in RL and am happy to be here in SL :) I do look forward to meeting all residents and visitors."

A very big welcome for her please :-)

Community of London Sims Newsletter #2

Hello everyone and thank you for taking time to read what is on in SL London this week.

We have new shops to tell you about and a few properties left to rent. Full details of all the Underground Club's events are included below too. Also, if anyone has seen a small grey cat wandering at Chelsea Wharf, please let me know. He tends to stray!

There is a fabulous competition running in all our sims-pop over and find a news board with details of how to win 10,000 lindens!

Chelsea - Sim Manager - Timber Oceanlane.

Homes to rent:
  • Towerblock with tremendous views over the River Thames and Big Ben, surrounded by leafy gardens in a very private setting.
  • River houseboats with private terrace gardens and views to Big Ben and over the gardens.
  • One empty terraced house overlooking park and with Harrods dept store as your local shop! (how posh is that?!)
  • There is also a new way of topping up your Lindens from Romman Abramovic's new shop-check it out.
  • If you need any help, contact Chelsea sim manager, Timber Oceanlane, who will be happy to help you!
Mayfair - Sim Manager - Nala Tenk.

The Art Fair continues throughout the month of June:

There is a new retail mensware shop, UK Casuals, owned by the one and only Basil Beresford, selling designer name men's casual ware and very reasonable prices. Pop over and take a look.

If you fancy taking a shop in this exclusive shopping area of London, take a look at the new retail properties inc. 2 floors of prime space for only 500l a week with the SL counterparts of one of fashion's biggest names!

IM Nala Tenk, sim manager, for more details or help.

Knightsbridge - Sim Manager - Cake Kidd (*edit: see post above).

Top tunes (as ever) at the Underground Club, contact Taliesin Silverstar for any more info. Oh, and don't forget you can advertise on Radio Underground too!:
  • Monday 9th
  • 10-12pm DJ ARIZZ Metal Rock *BEST GRUNGE*
  • 12-2pm Dj JANIS (Punk w/attitude)
  • 2-4pm DJETOILE - Easy Rock
  • Tuesday 10th
  • 12-2pm DJ MIKE - 80's
  • 2-4pm TRIVIA - TALIE
  • 4-6pm DJ Corolla-Classic Rock
  • Wednesday 11th
  • 12-2pm DJ TROY Oldies/Disco/Rock
  • 2-4pm DJ TALIE 60-70's
  • 4-6pm DJ Janis Love songs *BEST COUPLE*
  • Thursday 12th
  • 12-2pm DJ THEO - 80's
  • 2-4pm DJ Mike Umaga - Trance/Dance
  • 4-6pm DJ Corolla - Classic Rock *SWIMWEAR*
  • Friday 13th (shivers!)
  • 10-12pm DJ ZEENAT - Jazz/Swing "DEBUT"
  • 12-2pm DJ SEANY
  • 2-5pm TRIVIA - DJ Talie **TRIVIA**
  • 5-7pm DJ Corolla -Classic Rock
  • Saturday 14th
  • 12-2pm DJ MIKE - TRANCE **BEST GOTH**
  • 2-4pm DJ Zeenat 90's Alt. Rock
  • 4-6pm DJ ETOILE 60 --80'S

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Designer Shop Opens in Mayfair

Living, working or even visiting London, you have to look the part! London is one of the trendiest cities in the world, and to fit in, you need to dress to impress!! SL London is now following the real life London in the fashion stakes. I teleported over to Mayfair today as I'd heard that a new menswear shop had opened up selling 'designer' clothes. I wasn't disappointed, 'UK Casuals' has all the top designer brands on sale, everything that the stylish Londoner could wish for. UK Casuals is situated at the junction of Conduit Street and New Bond Street, be sure to check it out. While I was there I also had a look at a couple of Ladies shops (never miss a chance to buy new clothes, that's what I say, as my out of control inventory shows!). At the bottom of Conduit Street, opposite Hamleys Toy Store, I found 'Everett's UK Couture', which has a wide range of beautiful outfits. At the other end of Conduit Street, near the 'Coach and Horses' public house, I spied 'La Diva' in Grafton Street, where there are some great dresses for sale. Roll on payday, I controlled myself this time, but saw some really nice clothes that I fancied. There are also some shops to rent nearby, you may fancy building your own clothing empire, or whatever business you wish to open, take a stroll in Mayfair and see what you can find.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Art Fair month in SL Mayfair

There are many talented artists, sculptors, illustrators and photographers who inhabit Second Life and exhibit their art in the virtual world. I have always enjoyed looking around the SL galleries, and even have a small gallery of my own at my home. This month, however, there is a feast of artwork on display, its Art Fair month in Mayfair.

If you visit the area you can easily spot the galleries by the blue flags hanging outside each one. Take a trip and view some of the finest artworks in SL. I found the standards very high indeed, and some of the artists have a link to their real life websites, giving you the chance to trace the actual artists, and their work, behind the avatars.

Whatever your taste in art, there is something to suit everyone in the Mayfair galleries this month, teleport there and treat yourself to a piece of SL culture!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Calling all Lovers of London!

A view of the Chelsea simOr rather, all lovers of the London sims, that is. Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Chelsea, Kensington W8 London - and the new London UK.

10,000 Lindens are being offered in a competition for Second Life journalists - and all you have to do is to write a short story about 'Second Life London'.

You can choose whatever theme you wish to write about, as long as it's about SL London (and is PG content). For instance it could be your personal story of a visit there, your views on the best places to see (such as Big Ben in Chelsea), your opinion on the nightlife (such as the Underground Club in Knightsbridge), the people who run the sims, the pubs, the nightclub, the hot property, the general atmosphere of the place. Perhaps you know a little about the history of London and want to tell us how you feel about a mirror image being built in SL. Art could be your theme and if so, just to help you along, an art fair is underway in SL Mayfair this month.

The possibilities are endless, so get writing: serious, humorous, factual, fantasy - any way you wish to tell it. They're looking for a combination of the best written, most interesting, and best reserched story to win the prize of L$10,000. Plus all appopriate entries will be included in Virtually London which is the SL London Blog, sponsored by the DMGT (the rl Daily Mail Group Trust) in virtual Kensington.

Send your stories inworld on a notecard to Janey Bracken.

DEADLINE: Entries must be submitted before 1st July 2008.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

New Job with Virtually London (lite)

Let me introduce myself, I'm Second Life resident Janey Bracken. I've just joined the team of 'Virtually London (lite)' as Assistant Editor and I'm going to do my best to bring you some really great stories and news from the Second Life London sites. SL London is growing fast, and is one of the hottest locations to visit in the virtual world, so it will be a pleasure to report on the daily lives and businesses of the avatars who inhabit the sim.
I am also looking forward to reading your stories about SL London, so be sure to enter the exciting competition, sending your stories to me inworld, on a note card, by 1st July 2008.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

New Assistant Editor

We'd very much like to welcome CNN journalist Janey Bracken to the Virtually London. Janey will be working as Assistant Editor on the blog and coordinating competitions and promotions in the London sims for us. She beat off a healthy competition, and I'd like to thank all those who sent us their stories from SL London for consideration. She'll be joining us in the newsrooms at the DMGT offices at "Kensington W8 London" [SLURL] and you can find the 'Virtually London' office on the second floor.

From her own bio it says: "
Second Life has been my virtual home since 29 March 2007. I love painting, writing, photography and most of all I enjoy meeting all of the other avatars who inhabit my virtual world."

We have some cool competition news coming up, lets give Janey a chance to rez the family pictures on the desk and find the canteen, so check back soon :-)

Monday, 2 June 2008

Community of London Sims Newsletter #1

Got this from Fennel (Nell) this morning. For anyone who doesn't know, Nell is Estate Director over here at the London sims and runs True Brits, the events group for British people and British Mentors the group for official SL British Mentors.

Here goes:

Welcome to the first community of London sims newsletter. We aim to produce this every week now with details of all the up and coming events in Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Mayfair and soon Kensington W8 too! If you have something to include next week, please contact your sim manager.

MAYFAIR - Sim Manager - Nala Tenk.
There's lots to do this week, with the first week of a month long art fair in Mayfair sim. You can get a catalogue of all the artists Mayfair office, or check out the landmarks below. There will be an party night and other events connected with art, so ask sim manager Nala Tenk all about it!

CHELSEA - Sim Manager - Timber Oceanlane.
Chelsea sim has had something of a makeover lately. There are ten new houseboats to rent on the River Thames in a spectacular setting below Big Ben. The park has a new fountain and swings. And new to the sim there is also a busking area, anyone can perform anything whenever they want-just im Timber Oceanlane, the sim manager for a booking.
Apologies to those who have been interupted with building work, we do hope you like the continuing improvements.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE - Sim Manager - Kwame Oh.
This week at Knightsbridge's Underground Club (if you need more details or a tp, im Taliesin Silverstar or Annie Paulse.)
  • Monday 6/2
  • 12-2pm Dj JANIS (Punk w/attitude)
  • 2-4pm DJETOILE - Easy Rock
  • Tuesday 6/3
  • 12-2pm DJ MIKE - 80's
  • 4-6pm DJ Corolla-Classic Rock **BEST IN MELLOW YELLOW**
  • Wednesday 6/4
  • 12-2pm DJ TROY Oldies/Disco/Rock **BEST DISCO**
  • 2-4pm DJ ETOILE Canadian Invasion (two)
  • 4-6pm DJ Janis Love songs
  • Thursday 6/5
  • 12-2pm DJ JANIS Brit Pop **BEST QUEEN**
  • 2-4pm DJ Mike Umaga - Trance/Dance
  • 4-6pm DJ Corolla - Classic Rock
  • Friday 6/6
  • 12-2pm DJ LOA (two) 70's - present Rock
  • 2-4pm TRIVIA - DJ Talie **TRIVIA**
  • 4-6pm DJ Zeenat 90s Alt Rock
  • 6-8pm DJ Corolla -Classic Rock **BEST COWBOY/GIRL**
  • Saturday 6/7
  • 12-2pm DJ MIKE - TRANCE **BEST TATOO**
  • 2-4pm DJ Zeenat 90's Alt. Rock
  • 4-6pm DJ ETOILE 60 --80'S
Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing you all very soon, in and around London!

Best wishes from London Estate Directors (Spike Hartunian and Fennel Mimistrobell) and Debs Regent (aka the boss)!