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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Maracas At Zorro's

I had a great night at Zorro's Tavern tonight, DJ Minxy was playing some classic rock  and the chat was lively.  We had Copacabana by Barry Manilow among the tunes, the song about a girl called Lola. Actually a guest called Lola had dropped into the Tavern tonight for a while, but sadly she had left by the time Copacabana was played.  Fibi surprised us all by knowing all the words to Copacabana and she said how we should have had Maracas while it was playing. It's amazing what you can find in your inventory, I have thousands of items, being a very bad inventory organiser, and I was sure I had Maracas somewhere, but I couldn't find them.  Anyway Fibi found some and handed a copy of them to everyone ready for Minxy to play the next hot Latin song (yes we had gone off line a bit with classic rock, but what fun!).  We all got ready with our Maracas in hand as Minxy played Los Del Rio - Macarena.  Next thing I knew the others all had the dance to match, I must have missed out getting a copy of that one as I was too busy trying to look for my Maracas!  Poor Lola hadn't known what she started by dropping into Zorro's Tavern

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 15 January 2017

HangOut Celebrates Martin Luther King Day Tomorrow

The HangOut will be celebrating Martin Luther King Day tomorrow (16 January).  Owner/dj Janis short will be playing Soul, R&B and songs of social relevance.  The doors open at 1pm till 3pm SLT.


Happy Rez Day to SeskaKelle Resident! Seska celebrated her fourth year in Second Life today.  There was a fantastic party at Muckers for Seska's big day and the dress code was formal, but the theme was medicine.  DJ Minxy did a great job with tunes all about health, doctors and nurses and everything medical.  Well among the beautiful evening gowns and tuxes there were also people in doctors and nurses uniforms. It's nice to know that SL has its own National Health Service in case those avatars are under the weather!  However, everyone at Muckers was full of energy tonight and the doctors and nurses  jokes were coming thick and fast! Hope you had a brilliant day Seska!

Janey Bracken

Friday, 13 January 2017

The Fantastic Voyage Through Artist Gem Preiz's No Frontiers Exhibition

Artist Gem Preiz

I never fail to be amazed at Artist Gem Preiz's brilliant work.  Gem specialises in fractals and when I first interviewed him a few years ago I was astounded at the detail in his pictures.  I went over to his latest exhibition today called 'No Frontiers' and it's well worth a visit.

This is no ordinary display of works of art, you are invited to either fly through the gallery yourself, or ride in one of Gem's space vehicles waiting at the entrance.  I'm not the best pilot so I decided to fly.  The journey into the gallery itself is great fun, I'll probably go back for another look and try one of the vehicles next time.

As you travel through you soon realise that the detail in Gem's alien style city landscapes is awesome.  He takes you out of your comfort zone and pulls you straight into the future of design far more advanced than anything we know. Yet there is also the hieroglyphics of bygone cultures to be seen in some of the buildings. Gem's pictures are full of intriguing architecture as you move on through the gallery and view each piece of art, it could almost be  designed by the human brain linked into artificial intelligence, so complex, yet such uniformity dazzles the eye.  There is a feeling that the Matrix has fallen away revealing the advanced world we really live in, the giant circuit board structures of the pitiless machine, reality without the softness of nature. As I travelled on further through the portals, his work had a backdrop of the stars and planets with massive spaceships moving silently in space, moving cities in fact.  So as we distance ourselves from the Matrix we will  be free to explore the Universe, where we are supposed to be. No longer tied to the prison hologram planet and those who kept us there.  You finally breathe the air of freedom on the last stage of  your journey through Gem's eyes, what a wonderful exhibition.  Thank you for inviting me over Gem!

Janey Bracken

Take a trip to see Gem's fantastic 'No Frontiers'

Gem explains in his notes "This exhibition of fractals consists in 16 high resolution frames and invites you to dream along a futuristic journey towards the stars."  He further explains "All boards are made of about 18 plates carefully stuck, and displayed in environments built specifically, the minimalist structures of which (often fractals by themselves) contrast with the complexity of the images. These surroundings aim at bringing the 3rd dimension to pictures genuinely 2D, and provide to the visitors a volume to move in 3D, either simply flying or piloting vehicles they can find in the entrance hall.  The 4th dimension is also present through components the periodic synchronizations of which beat a slow tempo.

In counterpoint of Metropolis and Wrecks, two of my last exhibitions, «No Frontiers » is inspired by a resolutely optimistic vision. The technology turns into something more aesthetic than enslaving, and the journeys to the outer space are no longer runaways but explorations, as those of real astronauts which will maybe allow to realize one of the dreams of Mankind (and for me its ultimate vocation) : understand the Universe." 
Gem Preiz

Travelling through the Portals

One of the vehicles you can ride

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Fly Me To The Moon At Zorro's

I had a power cut in real life tonight (or a power outage as they say in the USA), the lights went out for a few hours as the engineers worked hard to fix a couple of electricity cables brought down by the gusty winds.  However, there was a fabulous full moon tonight, with wispy dark clouds passing over it. So I took the opportunity to look through my celestial binoculars  at the beautifully lit satellite. Is it natural or is it a hollow space station  as some people think? Well I don't know about that, all I know is that it's not made of cheese, but it sure is pretty.  When I finally did manage to get on line and log into SL I saw that there was a party at Zorro's Tavern and it was a Moon and Stars theme; How apt I thought!  So I went over to Zorro's and DJ Minxy was playing some great celestial tunes, everything from the Cranberries - Stars, Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip - (I Lost My Heart to A) Starship Trooper, The Police - Walking on the Moon,  to Frank Sinatra's Fly me to the Moon and many more.  We had a newbie arrive half way through the evening, well he wasn't really a newbie, he belied his rez date by the way that he was dressed so well and the fact that he used anti-gravity to dance high above the dance floor!  Obviously an alien, maybe he was the Man in the Moon! Brain had an amazing Moon head on his avatar, with big ears made of cheese, maybe the moon is made of cheese after all, but he was lucky not to end up in a cheese and tomato sandwich wearing that amongst the hungry clubbers! 

Great night at Zorro's thanks to Tavern owner Rob, dj Minxy and Hostess Fibi.

Janey Bracken